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China\'s textile industry to regain the status of the major importing countries
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Editor's note: China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong, Secretary-General has said, in fact, from the beginning of 2011, China's position in the global textile export markets on the "shaken", and the performance of the three major export markets in the United States , EU, Japan market share decline. At present, China's textile industry to regain the status of the major importing countries in Europe and America.

According to 2013 data that one. 1-3 months, the European Union, Japan retail continuing recession, China's exports to the EU textile industry, the proportion in the global marketplace becomes 37.5%, representing a decrease of 1.04 points, Vietnam, Bangladesh and take advantage of the share remained unchanged or upgrade. 

Although the Chinese textile industry is not a big improvement in the self into the 2014, along with the European Union, the United States national textile industry as well as the economy recovers, demand for imports of Chinese textile products increased again. The European Union and the United States the two major traditional markets once again become a major growth point of China's exports, the share of exports in total exports to the European market from 32.8 percent last year, rose to 34.3 percent, boosting the overall export growth rate reached 15.4 percent. 

According to latest customs data that, the fastest growing exports to the EU. With the gradual warming of the EU economy in the first half of the EU's export situation is good, total exports $ 26.1 billion, an increase of 18.5 percent, the EU has become our fastest growing major export market. 

Textile exports to the EU grew 13.4 percent, clothing increased 20.2 percent. Where almost all the major categories of merchandise exports to achieve double-digit growth. Knitted and woven garments total export volume reached 3.77 billion (sets), an increase of 17.3%, the average export price increase of 3.7%.

United States exports steady improvement. The first half of 2014, China's exports of $ 19.45 billion for the United States to achieve a steady growth of 6.9%. Which grew 5.7 percent textiles, clothing increased 7.4 percent. Knitted garments, woven garments total exports 2.8 billion (sets), an increase of 2.8%, the average export price increase of 4.9%. 

In fact, as early as the 2013's, the U.S. textile industry had to show signs of recovery. Uncle Sam in 2013 from the figures that the second quarter, the U.S. textile industry net profit of $ 505 million, representing an increase of 31 percent over the same period last year. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. domestic apparel manufacturers in the second quarter year on year increase of approximately 14%. In terms of profits, textile mills over the past year an increase of 100 basis points. The EU also since 2014, as the economy recovers and the demand for textile products to enhance, China's textile exports to the EU have a stable increase. 

Related to industry analysts, China's textile exports to the EU and the United States textile industry as the two regions and the economic recovery will be steady growth.

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