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India will overtake Europe and the United States to become the world\'s largest
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Editor's note: China and India in 2025 is expected to become a major center of clothing consumption growth, adding the two countries will become the largest clothing market market than the United States and the European Union. To China and India, adding apparel market size in 2025 will reach $ 740 billion over the United States and the European Union in 2025 the sum of $ 725 billion market size. At present, China and India apparel market size is estimated at $ 150 billion and $ 45 billion. These two markets have shown strong growth, despite the slowdown in global uncertainty and demand.

From 2007 to 2012, the Chinese market grew 15%, while the Indian market grew slightly, to 12%. However, the market performance of China and India than in other major consuming regions (U.S., EU and Japan), the United States, European Union and Japan economic conditions led to lower demand growth. Report, Asia has become the world's largest textile and apparel manufacturing supply center, the area is about to enter a new phase of its textile and apparel products consumption will be huge. These two important national economic and consumer apparel consumption high income growth, domestic brands developed to provide support for market development, the two countries developed rapidly online retail network. In addition, China and India will further enhance the level of consumption, Chinese consumer preferences are changing, they are more like fashion. In India, organized retail in raising brand merchandise is also developing.

For the entire clothing market in Asia, some experts believe that the economy of some countries too dependent on the garment industry, garment exports to Europe and prices are still low, Europe and America have more pricing power in the global supply chain. Even within Asia, the development of the textile and garment industry is also showing a more competitive situation. The next 3-4 years, the Asian market will be further subdivided: China, Thailand, Vietnam mainly produces high-end multi-functional garments, Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, mainly produces low-end clothing.

It is noteworthy that, Southeast Asia and South Asia, some countries have a lot of textiles and clothing are difficult to overcome short board. First, lower labor productivity investors headache. Second, some enterprises, especially baby products manufacturers, faced with product quality and pressure. In addition, heavily dependent on imports of raw materials and auxiliary materials, so that the garment industry in Southeast Asia is difficult to increase the net value added.

It is reported that Vietnam's garment export industry needed fabrics only 11.8% self-sufficiency rate, but mostly ordinary fabrics, most still rely on imports of high-grade fabrics. Cambodia's Ministry of Commerce reported that last year, imports of clothing and textiles in Cambodia for $ 3.12 billion of total raw materials, mainly, China Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and South Korea imported from mainland China. Compared with China, some analysts believe that the labor Southeast and South Asian countries more price advantage. Therefore, China's garment manufacturing industry is turning some low-East Asia and South Asia. However, in terms of technical level, machinery manufacturing and labor techniques such as China still has an absolute advantage.

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