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Maintenance of the plush fabric
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Plush fabric clothing are generally more expensive,but is not a very easy care fabrics, in the maintenance and washing to the attention of a lot of problems:

Firstly,maintenance.Plush clothing continuous in time is too long, easy to produce elastic fatigue, not easy to restore the status quo, will cause the deformation of shape. Whenwear after a period of time should let it "rest", to keep its plush clothing elasticity.

Secondly,washing.Plush clothing in cold water soak before washing timenot too long, according to the clothing color, dirty and clean and thickness are master in 10 ~ 30 minutes. Washing temperature should not be too high,must not be soaked in hot water. Generally at 40 DEG C, in order to prevent the plush fabric felting anddecreased elasticity.

Thirdly,store up.When collecting plush clothing, going as far as dust,dry thoroughly to dry storage. It is best to dryagain, dry cleaning can not only improve the cleanliness of decontamination, clothing, but also a disinfection of clothing. Because the dry cleaningagent four vinyl chloride has strong sterilizingeffect.

Plush clothing prone to infestation, therefore in thelong time, should put in the suitcase or wardrobemothproofing agent, in order to ensure the safety ofclothing.

Plush clothing has strong moisture absorption, so in the rainy season, often with ventilation or airing,to prevent moldy. Drying should avoid strong light,or in the opposite, avoid clothing fade.

Plush clothing is the clothing, must not be jumbled together, pay attention to the protection of good clothes, do not cause fold. Especially some longcashmere clothing more afraid of compression.Therefore, in the custody of the clothes hanger for hanging the storage, application, avoid deformation of shape.

Wearing clothing plush carefully, if there is damage to the small hole to timely repair, to avoid furtherexpand.

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