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Opening 2014 China International Fashion Festival Liuhua
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China Liuhua International Fashion Festival Mui seven degrees. August 15 morning, the China Textile Industry Association and the Government of Yuexiu District, as a guide, the China Textile Industry Association Circulation Branch, 2014 China International Fashion Festival Organizing Committee Liuhua jointly organized Textile Design Center, Guangzhou White Horse Clothing Market, clothing networked host of "2014 China Liuhua international Fashion Festival" in the Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City grand opening.

The opening ceremony, issued a Guoneishoubu "green professional market evaluation criteria: professional clothing market." The "standard", Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Economic and Trade Bureau jointly compiled by the China Textile Industry Association branch in circulation is the common wisdom of the well-known clothing specialized market. Liuhua clothing district's first "green clothing market" concept driven by the domestic apparel industry will lead the transformation of the mode of development of enterprises, enhance the international competitiveness of industries and regions.

After fierce competition and rivalry, "2014 China Liuhua advantage of independent clothing brand" selection results announced at the opening ceremony, "Roach Eagle King", "thousands of beads million state" and 22 brand award. Then, "China Liuhua industry standard push Awards" are handed out the opening ceremony, China Textile Industry Association branch in circulation, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Economic and Trade Bureau, Cotton Tree International Garment City to receive this award.

By the country's largest professional clothing wholesale business platform - "clothing Networking", China Textile Industry Association jointly organized branch circulation, "Guangzhou Liuhua district one hundred thousand Procurement Matchmaking Mission" was officially launched at the opening ceremony. The Matchmaking will be organized in 11 games during the Liuhua Fashion Festival series of activities, inviting hundreds of professional market north, northeast, southeast and other six areas, department stores, led more than a thousand dealers, agents participate. Organizers said this Fashion Festival for local business and local buyers erected convenient and efficient platform for exchanges and cooperation, but also will accelerate the promotion of the construction of commodity trading platform and a large trade exhibition market, enhance the influence of the professional market Liuhua area and driving force, to create a professional, international commodity procurement centers. 

As part of the opening ceremony of the finale, this year's "2014 China Liuhua international trends conference" Fashion Festival in the past reserved Liuhua dazzling features, but also highlights the current Fashion Festival "Maritime Silk Road · build Zhen Kai Pinliu flower" theme. 

Original title: 2014 China International Fashion Festival Opening Liuhua 

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