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2014 Sibo and International Nvzhuang Zhan October, held in Hangzhou
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2014 China International Silk Fair and China International Women's Fair will be held in Hangzhou, October 11 to 13 days. The exhibition by the Commerce Department, Hangzhou Municipal Government, organized by the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission contractors. 

During the 2014 China International Silk Fair and China International Women's Fair, will be held two silk and women business enterprises at home and abroad matchmaking for buyers and exhibitors precisely matched to improve the show turnover intention, in addition, show a total of eight major events, including the Tenth China international Grand Prix women's designer-cum-2014 Hangzhou fashion Week launch event, 2016 spring and summer fashion trends silk static and dynamic release, "Everything Trophy" First Hangzhou Silk tourism product design competition, the Tenth apparel production of high skills competition, 2014 China silk culture Forum, "Evergreen" 2014 China (Hangzhou) Women's Carnival, "Beautiful life" industry comment, show and other foreign clothing brands.

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