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Clothing prices high led to the domestic apparel industry into the winter
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Editor's note: This is the world's clothing and shoes network Xiaobian to introduce the domestic apparel industry winter, due to the high price of clothing was born. Recently the domestic apparel industry ushered in winter, Fujian garment business owners have lost contact on foot, and even shares Ding Hui, chairman of the Hong Kong stock company Knoch also been confirmed escaped and was lost to the police for investigation.

Recently the domestic apparel industry ushered in winter, Fujian garment business owners have lost contact on foot, and even shares Ding Hui, chairman of the Hong Kong stock company Knoch also been confirmed escaped and was lost to the police for investigation. Coincidentally, Li Ning Company 2014 semi-annual report also shows that its loss widened from the same period last year, 184 million yuan to 586 million yuan. The reason is the traditional garment industry sales slump and inventory piled up are not unrelated.

So what is the cause of the traditional garment industry faced sluggish sales and inventory backlog serious it I think it is mainly derived from three aspects:? First, the traditional garment industry a wide range of blind expansion of stores in the country, greatly raising the ship volume and cost. The second is a larger impact on the emerging network consumption of traditional mall-based clothing stores sales. The third is to enhance the human cost of rising rents and stores, as well as a substantial increase in endorsement fees and sponsorship fees, making the current high prices of clothing, has far exceeded the capacity of domestic consumers. 
Li Ning, for example, has often been ridiculed Li Ning, said it was "domestic brands, cottage workmanship, the international price." Say not without reason, Nike, Adidas and other international sports brands are constantly tier lower prices, while Li Ning prices are increasing. If not, clearance sale, usually in Li Ning store has been rarely seen below 400 sports shoes. Other clothing prices is the same, expensive clothing mall staggering, an ordinary coat is about eight or nine hundred hundreds.
 While domestic consumer prices of clothing in general affordability is how much we can roughly calculate: 2013 national per capita disposable income of 18,311 yuan, the Engel coefficient is probably around 38%. To the monthly average, spending per resident remove descendants diet per capita disposable income of about 1,100 yuan. And this 1100 yuan also includes housing expenses, educational expenses, the water grid communication and transportation expenses, and finally had to leave part of the pension costs. Final count to spending on clothing has been numbered. 
Of course, the ability of domestic apparel consumption of urban residents could be stronger, especially in some large urban purchasing power is still strong. But even in Beijing this mall is always bustling metropolis, its apparel consumption is not optimistic. According to Bureau of Statistics, 2013 Beijing urban residents was 2,795 yuan per capita expenditure on clothing. Figures seem high, but the average cost of what they spend on each piece of clothing, may also around 200 yuan. Logically speaking, after all, at least 2,800 yuan clothing expenditure to include two to three pairs of shoes, a set of winter, a Spring and Autumn and several sets of summer, on average, and not that much. China High Quality Mens Shirts,Cargo Shorts From Westfox
While taking into account the gap between Beijing basically can be counted as one of the cities with the highest spending power, and economic development in the larger cities, in fact, the majority of Chinese people in the clothing prices is very difficult to withstand the force of more than 200 yuan. So obviously, the current price apparel industry has reached the psychological threshold of purchasing power of the masses, if this momentum is not reversed, then the winter will be very long. 
In fact, data from the Bureau of Statistics, the domestic apparel consumption expenditures residents have still maintained a high growth rate, the market has not disappeared, but traditional clothing manufacturers price so it has been difficult to bear. It also saw the median price of branded apparel lack of opportunities, so relatively inexpensive Uniqlo will quickly occupy a considerable part of the market share, walking routes shop where customers will also have sprung up everywhere. 
And these two have in common is dramatically reduced costs. Especially where the customer, the network will be focused on sales, marketing zero inventory millet similar way, the cost is almost pressure to a minimum. Changed more traditional garment shop, the more people, the more production, more backlog, the higher the price of a vicious cycle. Therefore, based on consumer affordability, re-enacted marketing objectives, and to take a variety of ways to reduce prices, while branding on the current domestic garment industry is particularly important. Otherwise, the next domino effect, will never fall just a few manufacturers.

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