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Chinese official: ZARA substandard batches of clothing brands such as the high
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The latest statistics from China AQSIQ released on the 27th, the first half of 2014, the value of Chinese apparel imports inspection $ 2.76 billion, inspection and quarantine authorities seized a total of 12,305 cases of imported clothing substandard cases, the amount of $ 47,667,500, of which 396 cases involving substandard quality and safety (safety, health, environmental protection and anti-fraud programs). 

China AQSIQ Li Jing, director of the Information Office held a press conference on the same day that the first half of the imported clothing quality and safety can not be ignored. "Fast fashion" brand high proportion failed. In 396 cases the import of substandard quality safety clothing, substandard batches of up to the top five brands in four as "fast fashion" brand, namely: FOREVER21, ZARA, H & M and MANGO, the number reached 107 cases of substandard, accounting for 27.02% of all failed. 

Baby clothing prominent part of the project failed. In 12,305 cases of imported clothing quality and safety risk information, baby clothing unqualified Information 1442 cases, accounting for 11.72%. Statistics showed that baby clothing PH value significantly larger proportion of unqualified, while the PH value unqualified easy for children skin irritation, triggering skin diseases. 

In addition, Chinese instructions substandard in serious condition. In information security risk quality clothing imports, the vast majority are Chinese unqualified reasons instructions failed, failed in the entire clothing accounting for up to 97% or more, as the primary cause of quality problems clothing imports. 

Li Jing said that substandard imported clothing Origin relatively concentrated. From the origin point of view, the quality and safety clothing from Italy topped the substandard cases, substandard batches Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries also greater.

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