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The men\'s clothing industry growth mode transformation of O2O into a difficult
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In the expert opinion, in the short-term survival no better clothing enterprises, closing the tide will continue, the business is irreversible, the entity shop survival will be increasingly difficult, traditional clothing enterprise should think about is how to store and combine the advantages of electric.Notably, many garment enterprises in the layout transformation. Smith Barney (002269) in Hangzhou the first O2O model experience store opened marks its O2O strategy landing. Experience stores provide Coffee, WiFi, flat computer services and consumer experience for consumers, thereby attracting the use of tablet computer or mobile phone Internet consumers long time stay in the store, log in and download its own brand APP, so as to realize the transformation to the mobile phone APP offline users.More companies directly to give up on the main. Busen shares the first half loss of 30000000 yuan has been announced to abandon the clothing business. In August this year, Busen shares restructuring plan, the company of all clothing especially men's woven jacket the assets will be sold to Busen group, the transaction price of 4170000000 yuan in Hong Wah agricultural assets, Hong Wah agriculture is the main rice planting and sales.Similarly, prior to July, Baiyuan trousers industry announced 1032000000 yuan to buy 100% stake in global trading prices available, global purchase is a cross-border exports retail business. To persevere in the men's field, to diversify investments frequently in the garment field outside of enterprises also meet the eye everywhere.Overall, the transformation of the Internet listing Corporation, merger and reorganization, closed shop and a series of actions, can change the current situation of declining performance, still can make nothing of it, but the agency says, Internet transition clothing enterprises is "represent the general trend".


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