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Fashion not only covers all areas of social life
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Fashion not only covers all areas of social life, and lead the trend of consumption and production development. With the further development of society, from fast fashion is gradually spun off slowly form a variety of brands. Information technology has become mature and lead to a rapid fashion apparel industry trend of future development.
In recent years, the international fast fashion brand to "fast, aggressive, accurate," the core features, with SPA supply chain in the world has been rapid development, and seek to enter the Chinese market to be successful. The rapid development of international fast fashion brand, to form a huge impact on traditional clothing, luxury brands become increasingly replace the main retail mall, the future will enter the sports apparel and home and other fields.
Chinese apparel industry inventory crisis from 2012 continued into 2013, in 2013 the textile and garment industry is being dubbed "the most difficult year in the history of" the name of the head. Due to continued weak demand, a simple garment before extensive outreach expansion mode has been seriously challenged. Overall industry operating rate is not high, small enterprises have ceased production, limited production further exacerbated, cotton products reached an average inventory turnover time 20-30 days. When the line of the garment industry in front of China's domestic difficulties, the international fast-fashion brand in China has achieved increasing adverse economic expansion of stores, shows that fast fashion clothing brand competitiveness should not be underestimated.
The future development of international fast fashion brand in China tend to set multi-brand, multi-field radiation. There are also a large number of international fast fashion brands are entering and about to enter the Chinese market. Transformation of local clothing brand also have fast fashion. New participants Chinese fast fashion apparel industry more and more, and the development of retail space continues to shrink, future intensified competition.
Investment Adviser's "2014-2018 competition and development prospects of China's fast-fashion apparel market forecast report" a total of eleven chapters. First, the basic situation of fast fashion industry, the development of the industry's external environment, followed by detailed analysis of the international fast fashion brand development in China and the development of China's domestic westfox fast fashion industry. Subsequently, the report on the fast fashion industry e-commerce development, supply chain, consumer channel preferences, channel terminal to make a detailed analysis of visual merchandising. The report also analyzes the international fast fashion model of development and competitiveness as well as local fast fashion brand competitiveness of enterprises. Finally, the report of the fast fashion industry has made investment analysis, and carried out scientific prediction of their development trends and prospects.
This study reports data mainly from the National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, CIC Industry Research Center adviser, the investment advisor market research center, China Textile Industry Association, as well as domestic and foreign key publications and other channels, data authority detailed, rich, and through professional analysis and forecasting model, the core development indicators of the industry scientific prediction. For you or your organization for fast fashion apparel industry has a thorough understanding of the system, or want to invest in fast fashion apparel industry, this report will be an indispensable reference tool for you.

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