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The new material apparel revolution, are you ready?
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   A wide range of the material science and fiber science aspects of the technology including: *electrically active polymeric materials and the applications of nonionic polymer gel and elastomers for artificial muscles *thermally sensitive fibres and fabrics *cross-linked polyol fibrous substrates stimuli-responsive interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel *permeation control through stimuli-responsive polymer membranes *optical fibre sensors, hollow fibre membranes for gas separation *integrating fibre-formed components into textile structures *wearable electronic and photonic technologies *adaptive and responsive textile structures (ARTS) *and biomedical applications including the applications of scaffolds in tissue engineering This book provides a guide to the fundamentals and latest developments in smart technology for textiles and clothing. The contributors represent a distinguished international panel of experts and the book covers many aspects of cutting edge research and development. It gives you insight into technological developments in the field valuable and fascinating.

And now more and more people are developed in this new materials design and develop, Like the Pairs fashion show every year, not just the conventional materials, and also use some environment protection, and also our apparel export and import company also hammer at the new material and tradition’s produce, we have almost 10 years experience in clothing industry, and we have the most high efficiency team, we have the kindly customer service supervisor. Choose us you will get what you want in your heart.

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